Caden and Bailey

Caden and Bailey

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"I'm walkin', yes indeed.."

Miss Bailey is now a little walker. She's still a little wobbly but she gets better every day. She gets a little grin on her face when she walks around, you can tell she's proud of herself. She has figured out how to climb onto Caden's bottom bunk bed. I went in his room the other day and she was just sitting on his bed hanging out. She's really getting into everything now, even Caden's toy box! She has such a different personality than Caden did when he was her age. Caden was so easy going and nothing bothered him. Bailey is such a GIRL!! If we fuss at her (especially if her Daddy does) she'll burst into tears. She doesn't like water in her face, doesn't like cold drinks (we have to warm her milk up), gets upset if her Daddy hugs Caden first, etc. She's such a Daddy's girl!

Bailey had her follow-up appointments with her neurologist and ophthalmologist last week. She is 33" tall and weighs 26 1/2 pounds. She's gonna be a tall little thing! She also had an ABR (Auditory Brainstem Response) Test to check her hearing. She's had two previous hearing tests and didn't perform as well as we would have liked so her audiologist suggested the ABR which is done under sedation. Her results came back as we expected, her hearing loss is neural. Basically, physically her ears are perfect but it's how her brain processes sounds that is causing her hearing deficiency. She has borderline mild hearing loss in her left ear and moderate hearing loss in her right ear. It sounds worse than it really is and she'll just need a little hearing assistance to give her a push with her speech delay and with speech therapy.

When she was in the waiting room she toddled over to two other little patients who happen to be the only other girls in the room. They were older and playing w/ barbies but Bailey went right up to them like, "What's up girls?" You know how young girls are with babies so they just loved Bailey to death.
I had a "photo shoot" w/ Bailey yesterday until my camera died. Her Nana has a big mirror and Bailey was getting a kick out of the baby in the mirror. I'm not sure if she realized it was her or not.

Caden had his end of the year play a couple weeks ago. He'll start 4K next year! I can't believe it. He loves his baby sister and has become her "bodyguard". He fusses at us if she cries for anything and tells us when she needs her paci or bottle. He isn't too keen on her taking away any attention from him though. If we were ever watching Bailey crawl, Caden wanted to show us that he could do it to! He's doing the same for walking. He thinks he's a super hero and he's REALLY STRONG and can lift all sorts of HEAVY objects over his head like pillows, brooms, baby bags, etc. He had a play date with Nora a few weeks ago. They were so cute together!

Caden - "Cheese...." and of course not looking at the camera!
Teaching Nora how to play one of his games

Below are some other random pictures of them and also a short video of Bailey walking.

At Caden's Ball Game

Caden's school play
In the "zone" watching a cartoon
I got a little grin from him


Anonymous said...

who would have known how my life would have turned out after Bill died. "wait on the Lord". what powerful words & so very true. Mama

Kristen said...

Bailey is so beautiful!!! And Caden is looking so grown up. Can't wait to see you soon!