Caden and Bailey

Caden and Bailey

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Hi Bailey...nice to meet you..."

Bailey's results from her MRI came back great. She has no new tumors and nothing has increased in size. She was able to get off of her Sabril, the seizure medicine that treated her initial seizures, infantile spasms. Sabril is awesome, it stopped her seizures almost immediately by slowing her abnormal brain activity. The only downside was that it slowed her normal brain activity as well so for almost a year she's been in a "fog". Now that she is fully weaned off of the Sabril, her real personality is coming out - and she is one high maintenance, silly little girl! Bailey laughs, smiles, plays with toys like any normal little girl her age. She is crawling and cruising around on everything. She could walk if she wanted to but she hasn't gotten up the nerve yet. I'm sure she'll take her first step any day now. She LOVES to be held, actually she wants to be held 24/7 which is impossible and not good for her anyway. If one of us dare walk by her and not pick up that sweet baby we get this face...

and she breaks down into sobs like she is devastated. We try to be tough but we give in more than we should and the second that child is picked up she stops crying instantly and gets a little grin on her face like, " them wrapped around my little finger..." Her big show is totally fake!
She has improved SO much since she started therapy. Not that long ago she couldn't even roll over or touch her hands together and now she's all over the place and into everything. Her therapists have been working with her for almost 8 months and they are so excited with her progress and getting to see the "real" Bailey. One even reintroduced herself to Bailey after we were commenting on how her personality is finally coming out (blog post title). She still takes two seizure medicines and she's been seizure free for a while now. She is still delayed verbally so we are trying to work on that.
Caden started tee ball and he really likes it. It's so funny watching them b/c they still really don't know what they are doing. Caden ran from home to second base during his first game. Caden is still obsessed with dinosaurs and has created his own dinosaur superhero/villain named - CADENSAURUS. (Pic of him giving me his Cadensaurus face...)
He's pulled random body parts from different dinosaurs and created his own dinosaur (t-rex red eyes, stegasaurus tail, etc.) He is so smart, he even knows what carnivores, herbivores and omnivores are and what they eat.
Caden and Bailey are starting to play more together. He'll play with her when she's playing w/ a toy and he likes to wrestle her and she gets a kick out of it and tries to climb on him too.

I finally updated the blog layout so it's pretty like everyone else's. Below are random pics of the kiddies.


Mr. Patterson

Bailey smiling, I didn't catch the full smile in time though

Caden and Bailey in the pool, Bailey grinning at her Daddy

My beautiful girl - her poor Daddy...


Brittany @GreyGreyDesigns said...

Told you so! That's wonderful news! So glad to hear it!!!!!

Claire Green said...

God is good! So proud and happy for all of you!

melanie said...

Oh that is so wonderful to hear! What a doll she is and I love the pig-tails! such a little cutie!
Bryson is the same about wanting to be held but they are only little for just a minute so Im a sucker for the My father-in-law calls him "bondo" after some sort of industrial strength adhesive...go figure! he's definitely a hip-hugger!
Caden has gotten so big! I love the dinosaur face. We are starting to get into dinosaurs now. I love that he created his own with different characteristics! Think he may be on the "gifted" side!!! Miss you and sending kisses to your beautiful babies!

Joslin3 said...

Such a wonderful update! So glad your little beauty is doing so well. And it's great to see she's well protected by her dino-brother :)