Caden and Bailey

Caden and Bailey

Monday, June 20, 2011

One Year Ago...

June 18th was exactly a year ago that Bailey was rushed to Batson after a CAT scan reveiled tumors/tubers in her brain and confirmed that she was in fact having seizures. I will NEVER forget that ride in the ambulance and feeling so helpless as I watched her have seizures in the carseat that was strapped to the gurney. I will NEVER forget the sick feeling in my stomach when at least 7 doctors came in and stood before us as they gave her clinical diagnosis, Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. I'll NEVER forget bursting into tears when we went to eat and a little girl, who's Daddy was holding her, looked me right in the eyes, smiled and waved at me. We will NEVER forget that time or the fear and heartache that we felt because our baby girl was sick.

Because we went through those times, it makes the sweet moments so much sweeter, the laughs so much funnier, and her accomplishments so much greater.We will NEVER take any smile, laugh, or even temper tantrum for granted. We are so blessed, we are so unbelievably blessed. God carried our family through it all and continues to do so. Bailey has overcome her obsticles by leaps and bounds.

One year ago, she wore an EEG hat... she wears a princess hat.
One year ago, we had pain in our eyes...

...and now we have laughter.

One year ago, she showed no emotions... she is a smirk giving, raspberry blowing, camera loving silly girl.
One year ago, her brother could only love on her... he can play with her.

One year ago, she needed help just to roll over... we need help just to keep up with her.
One year ago, she fell asleep exhausted from seizures... she falls asleep exhausted from playing, swimming, etc.

We are so proud of Bailey and how far she has come in just a year. Bailey didn't get to play in her smash cake on her birthday because she was still in a medicated "fog". We gave her another cake this weekend so she could have another chance. She took it! 


melanie said...

God is so good! It's so reassuring to see the product of faith and prayer. She is an absolute doll and I am so happy that you have your beautiful little girl! Although I havent met you Bailey you have touched my heart with your precious self and I love you and your sweet momma! I will continue to lift your family up and I hope the Lord continues to bless you!

Carol said...

What a wonderful blessing! She is beautiful! You know she does sort of look like my mom's baby picture. I enjoy your blog so much! Come to see me!

Hollie said...

That girl knows how to smash a cake, doesn't she :) I'm so proud of Ms. Bailey, she's beautiful and doing great!!! Hard to believe it's been a whole year. Can't wait to see this little girl bloom into a young lady!!!

Kristen said...

Becca, this post was so beautiful. Bailey is such a lucky (and beautiful!!) little girl to have such loving parents that realize how precious she is and how precious life is in general. Love you guys and am so happy for ya'll.