Caden and Bailey

Caden and Bailey

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Trials and Tribulations of Potty Training

With everything that happened last weekend I figured some of y’all could use a good laugh. We had a really crazy morning but I’ll need to give a little background story to get the full effect. When Caden was a baby I would get so aggravated at Chism when it came to changing dirty diapers. The times he did change them he would put his shirt over his nose so he couldn’t smell it, gag really bad or run to the bathroom to “get sick”. I, of course, figured he was full of it and was just trying to get out of doing it.

Caden is a mini-Chism in every way. He acts just like him. They have the same tastes, humor, personality, and even quirks. Well, about a year ago Caden started gagging and would sometimes get sick when he smelled certain smells…just like Chism. (I realize now that Chism wasn’t faking after all!! Lol) Caden is sensitive not only to foreign smells but his own too. It’s already hard trying to potty train a first-born son but smell sensitivity makes it interesting on a whole other level.

So…this is how our morning played out.

• I’m getting Bailey dressed in the bedroom Caden realizes he needs to go to the potty.

• Caden goes (yea!) but then sees/smells and starts gagging (oh no!).

• Being little, his first response is to come tell us he’s gonna be sick instead of going to the toilet.

• I rush him to the toilet. He makes it!…one of the three times (oh no..)

• Stick him in our stand-up shower and grab toilet paper to start cleaning up.

• Caden - “I have to go to the potty again!”

• Grab the potty and start to take it over to the shower..oh wait..need to clean it out so he won’t “see” and get sick again.

• Put the his potty next to the shower so he can hang his legs and feet in the shower • Chism takes over w/ him and I start cleaning up.

• Mid-clean I realize I’ve clogged the toilet and it’s about to overflow (toilet paper was a bad idea)

• Run downstairs to get the plunger

• Run back upstairs to unclog the toilet

• Finally get everything cleaned up

• We throw clothes on the kids and head out of the door… exhausted.

I know it’s the crazy times like that that I’ll have the fondest memories of when I’m older. I’m so thankful for my crazy, wonderful family and to God for keeping all of my relatives safe during the tornadoes.

I love y’all!



tcgirlie said...

LOL, ya made my afternoon! Great story!

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