Caden and Bailey

Caden and Bailey

Monday, March 8, 2010

March Update 2010(Caden 3 - Bailey 2months)

Time is flying by!! Bailey will be 2 months old Thursday. She had her 8 week check up today and weighs 11 lbs. 8 oz. and is 23” long. She’s already high-maintenance and is very loud. When Caden first started daycare I asked the ladies how he was and they said that if all of the babies were like him they would be in hog heaven. On Bailey’s first day I asked how she was & the lady said, “She did good…she’s loud”. I guess that’s a sign of things to come. haha Caden has been good the past two weeks but before that he was getting in trouble at least once a day. He’s definitely hit the terrible three’s. You can tell he gets in trouble a lot by the bullet points that I have.

Caden -

• A little kid hit Nora during lunch and Caden got mad. He balled his fists up and yelled, "She's my girlfriend, don’t hit my girlfriend!"

• Caden was calling me to come into the living room to cut his movie on, “Momma, come here” etc. I was doing something and kept putting him off, “Just a minute”, etc. After a few minutes of him constantly calling me and not getting the response he wanted, he walked into the kitchen and fussed (while pointing his finger) “What I tell you ‘bout come here?!”

• Caden started counting to 10 then came over to me and "spanked" my leg and said, "i tol you be still"

• Asked him to pick up his army men up off of the floor. He picked a few up then wanted to stop. I told him I'd hold the bag while he picked them up and he said; "i hold the bag and you pick them up" (did not work!)

• Makes the "wicked witch cackle" then says, "momma..whas that?"; me - "I don't know"; Caden - "It's the wicked witch of da west!"; me "oh no, i'm scared."; Caden - "it's ok, daddy killed her" (He’s really into the Wizard of Oz now)

• Knows his first joke - “knock knock”....”who’s there?”…”boo”…”boo hoo?”...”don’t cry it’s just me!” He makes me answer for Bailey (I just use a high pitched voice)

• He likes to play “hide and sink”

Bailey -

• Will smile when she sees you

• Starting to coo

• Gets MAD when you take her bottle away (like you just killed this child’s puppy)

• Already craves attention

• She was lying in between Chism and me one night. Chism was watching tv & during commercials would talk to her till the show came back on. When he stopped talking to her she would start to kick her legs then slowly start moving her arms and would hit his chest. She was staring at him the whole time and when that didn't get his attention she would start to fuss. Once he looked back at her and started talking to her again she would stop moving/fussing and would just stare at his face. When he would look away she would start it all over again till he looked back down at her. (Pay attention to me Daddy!!)

cooing eating chocolate strawberries so proud of his green tongue after fun-dip

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The Robertsons said...

It's about time Caden started acting like Landon. Wait until he has an episode like Landon had at the tailgate. Bailey is just beautiful and I cannot wait to meet her.