Caden and Bailey

Caden and Bailey

Monday, September 21, 2009

Caden Update September 2009

This is mainly a picture update. He went to his first MSU football game. We didn't actually sit in the stands we just tailgated. Caden literally can't sit still for more than a few minutes so we knew he would never make it in the actual game. He had a blast playing w/ his friend Landon and wanted to play football the entire time. We had a dove hunt and the camo pics are from that. ("Dubb" hunt as Caden calls them) He also went to his first Sunday School class (before now it's just been nursery)

No name for the baby any ideas?? lol

(Some of the pics you'll have to click on to see them better)

Love, Becca

-After Sunday School. This outfit was Chism's when he was little. It was too big for the longest time and I tried it on him that morning and it was too small. I made him wear it so he could at least have worn his dad's outfit once. The headband is something they made in class. The last 2 pictures are his version of smiling or "show your teeth"! lol There are pictures of Chism doing the same thing when he was little.
All camo'd out with his little toy gun.
Caden and Bradley at the "Dubb" hunt. How it played out
trying to get 2 boys to look at the camera when they are
playing in the dirt -
Caden and Bradley...look @ the camera!
Ok, now Caden look at momma
Bradley, look at Aunt Becca
Caden! Look at momma!!
Y'all look at the camera!!!! (no smiles..but at least they're both
Tackling Daddy @ the MSU game
Caden and Landon working on their game plan..
"'s what we'll chase me, then I'll chase you!"
Caden found a "cheerleader" to play with who OF COURSE
is blonde..he already has a things for blondes!! They managed
to find the one dirt pile there. A blonde who likes to play in
the dirt....Caden's dream girl! lol I caught this smile mid-run while Landon was chasing him or
vice versa.
Caden and Daddy posing for the camera. It's impossible to
get Caden to look at the camera and smile. He's saying "Go
Bulldogs!" in the second pic.
Trying to get him to smile at the camera...I tried.
Momma and Caden (momma didn't know she was in the pic!) And he finally passes out in Daddy's arms...

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