Caden and Bailey

Caden and Bailey

Friday, July 10, 2009


We're expecting baby number two! I’m 13 weeks so I’m finally getting to my 2nd trimester. This pregnancy has been pretty tough compared to the first. I’m due January 14th! Caden’s birthday is December 11th, then it will be Christmas, then the baby will be born! We’re going to be busy busy busy!! Caden is growing more every day, saying more every day, getting in trouble more every day. Lol He turned 2 ½ in June. I've TRIED and TRIED to have the comments post like I want for the pictures, but they get all jumbled up. I'm just going to explain some of the pics before hand.
  • The tummy picture is from a couple days ago, he was "kissing" the baby.
  • The facepaint pic was from the 4th of July celebration @ the park in town. It was his first time to have his face painted. He wanted a "motacycle".
  • The sunglasses pic was taken in a restaurant. I guess that was the first time he noticed that things look different through sunglasses. He looked all over the room w/ them on, then would slide them off to see the difference, then slide them back on, etc. He did that for about 5 minutes.
  • Some of the pictures are when we went to Chuck-E-Cheese. He had a BLAST!!
  • The purple dress pic is from my friend's wedding that I was in. I was pregnant in that picture but didn't know it yet. Caden was on the dance floor all night!


tcgirlie said...

Yeah!! Preggers!! So happy for you guys and this new baby is going to be just as cute and precious as Caden! :) Heehee...I remember you griping about how your dress was tight at the wedding. Well! Now we know! So excited for you!
Love ya!
Tara (and Chris, too!)

Crystal and Chase Downing said...

Congrats!! Our kids will be in the same class!