Caden and Bailey

Caden and Bailey

Friday, June 20, 2008

June Update

Ugh..I just typed a whole update and managed to delete it. I hope I can remember everything. I'm mainly gonna post a lot of pics this time. He turned 1 1/2 on the 11th!! Caden has 12 teeth! He "brushes" his teeth, but really all his does is suck the toothpaste off and then use the toothbrush as a drum stick. I have to finish what he started and he likes to clamp his mouth shut. It's a battle everytime. He said his first sentence the other day, "read da book". The past few days when we're heading down the stairs, he'll wave and say, "bye, up tairs." So cute. He's really into trucks, cars and tractors now. He tries to carry about 4 around all of the time. He even wants to sleep w/ some of them. Caden and I will "play" trucks. We'll make truck sounds and crash our trucks into each other. He's started to fuss at us. If Chism is sneaking over to tickle him, Caden will point his finger at him and say, "uh uh, DAH!". The other day Chism and I were play fighting over the remote. Chism had it and I was trying to take it from him. Caden came running over and yelled, "UH UH, DAH!! UH UH, BA BA!!" We stopped to look at him and his little bottom lip was starting to quiver and he was about to burst into tears. He thought we were really fighting. He got scooped up and covered in kisses, of course. He's definitely aware of everything now. A lot of the pictures are from last weekend at my parents house (Gamma & Grandaddy). Momma has a new kitten and Caden wanted to carry her around all day. I had to share the little booty shot picture. He definitely has the Fennell butt. I'm sure he'll hate me for this later, but oh well. lol Love y'all! Becca

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Alicia Pernell said...

great post! you should update more often. i love the pictures, too.