Caden and Bailey

Caden and Bailey

Friday, April 25, 2008

Caden update April

I'm not even sure where to start. So much has changed since the last update was sent. First off, WE BOUGHT OUR DREAM HOUSE!!! It's in the country and it's got a huge yard for Caden to play in. Caden's favorite thing is the horse that lives in the pasture next to our house. We'll go pet him a few times a week and Caden is ALWAYS pointing outside and saying 'HORSE!" Every house we go to now, he'll point outside and say, "horse". He thinks everyone keeps a horse in their backyard. lol He's officially a little boy and not a baby. Chism and I have to sneak our kisses in when he's asleep. He's starting to talk. He gets excited when he points to something and knows what it's called. He likes to tell you what things are. He's slowly starting to put words together. He just started saying, "uh oh, ba ba" when something falls down. (I'm ba ba, and Chism is "dah".) There are a lot of things that's he's saying to us that we just can't quite decipher yet. He's getting to where he says about one new word a day. He's running around all over the place. He's a wild man. He's not scared of anything, which I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not. On Easter sunday, we had a neighbor stop by when we got home from church. I was holding Caden while we chatted, but he started to get restless so I put him down. He starts walking down our driveway (in his little poofy, easter outfit, church shoes & knee high socks). I figured he'd stop after a bit and would start playing in the rocks, but he just kept on walking. I finally realized he wasn't stopping and ran after him. When I got to him I asked, "Caden, where are you going?". He looked at me, pointed and said, "ORSE!". He was planning on walking his little butt down our road by himself to see the horse. He's not even a year and a half! He can do the motions to a few songs. The cutest ones are "If you're Happy and you Know it", and "The Wheels on the Bus". SO cute!! He loves the dogs, every morning when he sees them he tells them, "heeyyy!!!" He got a white, german shepherd puppy named Bella. They're funny together. He knows the features on your face and he'll touch your hair and eyes, etc and tell you what they are. He saw his first snow, wasn't too impressed w/ it. He mainly was interested in the water that was dripping off of the roof. He went fishing for the first time. He got to play w/ worms and fun stuff like that. Caden calls the lawn mower a "tractor" and Chism HAS to take let Caden "drive" the tractor if he brings it out of the shed or "someone" gets REALLY mad. He's got a temper on him. It's actually really funny, but it has definitely gotten him into trouble a few times. He likes to "talk" on the phone. He'll grab my cell, put it up to his hear and say, "babow?" So cute. That's about all that I can think of right now. Oh more thing. I have a pic of it so I better explain it. A while back we'd act like Caden's feet smelled to get a giggle out of him. Now after we do it, he'll "smell" his feet. It's really funny. Becca


Alicia Pernell said...

oh, he is so cute... this was a wonderful blog post!

Joslin3 said...

I'm so glad you're blogging!
Congrats on your new home and your super cute grown up baby boy!