Caden and Bailey

Caden and Bailey

Monday, October 11, 2010

Big Lots and Bikinis...

Background story –

Like I’ve said before Caden is exactly like Chism. I call them two peas in a pod. Chism is a prankster. He LIVES for pranking people. He looks like a kid on Christmas morning when he plots and plans them. Caden, of course, is starting to be like that too. I usually find myself “shanked” by a three year old at least twice a week. I’m not always the recipient we all try to get each other, but most of the time it’s usually me getting tag teamed by the two “C’s”. (I give a good reaction) Caden has had mischievous genes since he was born. When he was I guess around 9 or 10 months, when he went through his “put everything in my mouth” phase, he would sometimes act like he was going to hand me the item but instead he would take off crawling giggling like crazy because we would chase him. He still loves to be chased.

Anyway, yesterday we all decided to go to Big Lots to look around. We can do things like that now that we’re “city folks”. (I’ll do a longer update later about the move, etc.) After Bailey and I were finished browsing we met up with Chism and Caden over by the furniture. Chism was sitting on a chair and Caden came up to me holding something and with a big mischievous grin asked, “Momma, can I get this please?...” The “this” was a Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Bikini Calendar! I gasped and told him to give it to me but he took off running. So now, instead of chasing a 9 month old around trying to get the rock or bug out of his hand, I’m chasing a giggling three year old boy around the store trying to get the calendar with half-naked girls out of his hand before anyone sees him with it. Of course Chism is practically falling out of the chair he’s laughing so hard and then I get the innocent act from him as I give him the “it’s all your fault” glare. I’m sure we were a site! It really was so funny; I had to make myself not laugh because that would add fuel to the fire and Caden would egg it on even more.

It’s always something going on in the Patterson family and most of the time it involves laughter. Bailey is still having seizures but they are much milder than her previous ones. We’re constantly adjusting her medicine and she’ll go back to the neurologist Wednesday. She loves my little ponies, has a speck of a tooth and is soo close to crawling. She does a little frog hop thing, I can’t really explain it but it’s so cute. Everything she does is cute in our eyes!

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