Caden and Bailey

Caden and Bailey

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quick December update

I'll try to keep this one short b/c Caden's birthday is next week so I'll do another one for that. We've decided on the name Bailey for our little girl. We don't have her whole name yet. Caden basically named her. I've told a few of you this story. A couple months back we were riding in the car and Caden started saying our names, "You’re Chism, you’re Becca, and I'm Caden". I asked him what the baby's name was and he said, "Bailey". I think he meant to say "belly" as in the "baby is in momma's belly", but it came out Bailey. A few weeks later Chism found an old baby bottle of Caden's and pretended like he was drinking out of it. Caden fussed at him and said, "No, that's Bailey's cup!" My sister-in-law has helped us out a TON and given us our niece’s old clothes (Thanks Fisher!!). Anyway, I was going through all of the clothes and I found a little onesie that had the name "Bailey" written on the tag.(Our niece is named Allie) All of this happened w/in a few months so we decided that she was trying to tell us that she wants her name to be Bailey. There were just too many coincidences!

I’m 34 weeks today. I figured y’all wanted to see a new belly pic. It’s getting big! Bailey is running out of room for sure, she’s kicking my lungs and punching my bladder at the same time. Caden hasn’t felt her move yet; he won’t stay still long enough to feel it. Bailey has one little quirk that is all her own. Caden just moved all day long, but Bailey is most active when it’s time for me to eat. She goes crazy! It’s like she’s saying, “Feed me momma! I’m hungry!!” Once I’ve eaten she goes to sleep and doesn’t move for a few hours.

I’ve mentioned Caden’s “girlfriend” Nora before, but I’m attaching a pic of them at her birthday party. Chism said they held hands almost the whole time. Caden also got mad at Nora’s uncle when he was holding her and tried to pull her away saying, “She’s my girl!”. He’s a mess!!

He’s big into Robin Hood now and sword fighting. The video is of Chism and Caden fighting at Nana’s house last night. Chism had a roll of Christmas wrapping paper. Love, Becca

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